We have exciting news:

We are starting our first annual optics drive where birders can donate their old optics to support our partners!

Supporting Two Co-op Partners

Birding in El Salvador

working with local guides to promote an emerging destination

Uganda Women Birders

a full training and professional development program for women birders 

How to Participate

1. Send in your optics!

We are accepting donations until August 31, 2021. Donating your used-but-working optics is simple! Complete the following form to receive information on how to donate your optics.

2. Join the Co-op (and invite friends!)

Proceeds from every member who joins the Co-op in July and August will go towards the purchase of optics for our partners. If you haven’t heard of all the other great reasons to join the Co-op, don’t miss out! Join here »


3. Make a donation

All of the monetary donations we receive in July and August will go toward our optics drive. Donate any amount here »


4. Purchase Co-op gear!

Our newly-launched merchandise store is stocked with Co-op shirts and goodies, and (you guessed it!) proceeds in July and August will go toward our Optics Drive. Shop now »


Questions? Send us an email for more information.