Co-op Partnerships

The Co-op partners with birding and ecotourism organizations to work together to make birding more accessible and inclusive. To do that, we use the Co-op’s structure and community to work with our partner’s area of expertise.
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There is no cost to becoming a Co-op Partner. We accept partners through an application process on a rolling basis based on the size of our membership and funding.

Experience Partners

Experience Partners work with us to create Birding Experiences. These aren’t typical birding tours—they are getaways that go off the beaten path to combine birding, community service, and connecting directly with local nature enthusiasts and leaders in ecotourism that keep costs low for participants.

We’re excited to build new Experiences in 2024 and beyond. Nominate a Co-op Experience »

Community Partners

Community Partners have their own space in our Community to connect with the Co-op membership. In the Community, partners can share ideas and concepts for feedback, ask questions, have discussions, and more through forums, chats, and video meetings.

We hope to open for additional Community Partners in 2024. Nominate a Community Partner » 

Festival Partners

Festival Partners work with the Co-op to design components of festivals that focus on inclusivity, sociability, and creating service projects that are related to the festival’s causes. The Co-op provides structure and volunteers to help with the festival.

We are currently accepting applications for Festival Partners. Nominate a Festival Partner » 

Make an Impact with the Birding Co-op

Our Partners

Birding in El Salvador

Supplying optics and creating community events to connect with the emerging birding community in El Salvador

Birding in El Salvador aims to promote conservation, community, and tourism in this under-promoted nature destination.

They do this by:

  • Creating a network of birders and conservationists throughout El Salvador
  • Educating youth about El Salvador’s birds and conservation
  • Establishing birding tours to promote the region and its needs
  • Connecting birding tours to local community activities

Uganda Women Birders

Supplying optics and creating community events to connect with upcoming women birders and guides in Uganda and planning a 2023 Co-op Experience

The Uganda Women Birders club increases the participation of Uganda’s women in nature guiding, a profession that has long been male-dominated.

They do this by:

  • Mentoring young women into nature guiding with a focus on bird watching
  • Mentoring young children into nature conservation
  • Enhancing awareness on conservation and appreciation among the public
  • Providing an avenue for women to get employment among others

The club is also helping to plan and host the International Conference for Women Birders in December 2023. Learn more » 

Southeast Arizona Birding Festival

Coordinating socials and providing unique accommodations for Co-op members during the festival
At the festival, we’ll be: 
  • Once again sponsoring Herps, Hoots, and Hops, an evening bird and nature walk followed by a social at Three Canyon Beer & Wine Garden
  • We’ll have a booth at the festival’s Nature Expo and again be collecting used binoculars and spotting scopes to donate to our partners
  • We have an awesome, unique rental house with local hosts for Co-op members who are attending the festival
Plus, we’ll be joining in on all the incredible festival and location has to offer.

Icaro Birding

Creating bilingual activities to connect English- and Spanish-speaking birders and planning a 2023 Co-op Experience

Learn more about our Colombia Experience, a one-of-a-kind blend of birds, food, drink, and exploration in February 2023 » 

Birding in Colombia

Birding Experiences Costa Rica

Supporting Caracara conservation in Costa Rica and co-hosting the Costa Rica Experiences in December 2022

Osa Birds

Supporting the study and conservation of birds in the Osa Peninsula and co-hosting the Costa Rica Experience in December 2022
Osa Birds