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By joining the Birding Co-op, you’ll become a part of our network of members who are working to make the birding world more accessible and inclusive.

Joining the Co-op means you are joining our efforts to better the birding world by fostering meaningful connections and real changes to make our community more accessible and inclusive. In addition, Co-op members will receive discounts on our global Experiences (launching in 2021), receive invites to virtual and in-person member events, and receive exclusive content from our partners. Most importantly, you’ll have opportunities to share your voice and make an impact in the global birding community. We’re proud to offer memberships for just $24/year to cover administrative costs for the Co-op.

Where Your Money Goes

We aim to be completely transparent with how your funds support The Birding Co-op. The Co-op is in the process of receiving 501(c)(3) nonprofit status—meaning that we are dedicated to provide a public benefit, not to maximize profits. Your membership dues first go to our operating costs—including legal and business fees; website, Community, and digital costs; and related bills. Beyond that, we use our funding to provide support to our partners. The Co-op works with our partners in many ways, including support in our community and on-the-ground services on Experience and at festivals, and in some cases, we will provide monetary support, too.

It takes an immense amount of time and effort to build and maintain the Co-op and its partnerships, and we have big dreams for this organization to grow. We are currently volunteer-driven, but we’re aiming to build a small staff in 2021 to make the Co-op the best it can be. Our members and donations will help to fund our future staff to increase our partnerships and the scope of the organization.

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