Co-op Experiences

We started the Co-op with the idea of changing the way we travel for birding. Now we’re launching our unique global tours: focusing not only on birding, but also the community, culture, and people of each destination. 

What Experiences Are

Getaways that go off the beaten path to combine birding, community service, and connecting directly with local nature enthusiasts and leaders in ecotourism that keep costs low for participants.

What They Aren't

These are not hit-the-highlights trips with over-the-top amenities that only skim the surface of the local people and biodiversity or focus only on the species list.
Southeast Arizona Birding Festival
Southeast Arizona Birding Festival

August 2022 • Unique accommodations and activities during the festival

with the Southeast Arizona Birding Festival

The Costa Rica Experience

December 2022 • Hands-on conservation work in unique locations
with Costa Rica Birding Experiences

Birding in Colombia
The Colombia Experience

February 2023 • A one-of-a-kind blend of birds, food, drink, and exploration
with Life LIst Podcast and Icaro Birding

The Montana Experience
The Montana Experience

July 2023 • Budget, drive-yourself, camping vibes

with Glacier Birding Adventures

Uganda Birding
The Uganda Experience

December 2023 • Primates and more alongside Uganda Women Birders

with the International Conference for Women Birders

Central America
Another Central American Experience

2023/2024 • Developing an itinerary unlike any other!

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