Uganda Women Birders Collaboration

In conjunction with Kowa Optics

The Birding Co-op and Kowa Optics teamed up to provide optics to Uganda Women Birders.

Background on Uganda Women Birders

Uganda just like any other African country is a male-dominated society where the majority of the decisions are made by men thus leaving the women behind and Tourism is not an exception. This was one of the factors that led to the start of a club to unite women. The Uganda Women Birders Club started in May 2013 as an initiative to increase the number of women participating in Nature Guiding. The Club has been growing with increasing number of ladies taking part in the trainings as well as increasing support from our partners. Tourism is among the big earners to the economy of Uganda and we would like to participate wholesomely in this drive to make Uganda the most preferred Tourism Destination.

The trip was organized by The Birding Co-op and Birding Experiences and led by Joshua Covill and Diego Quesada. Their guidance, enthusiasm, and expertise are unmatched. We delivered Motus tags to Osa Birds to track migrating Swainson’s Thrush and binoculars to the Caracara Project on behalf of Kowa Optics.

More about Uganda Women Birders


  • Guided Nature Walks
  • Nature Guides’ Training
  • Guided Birding Tours
  • Educating communities about birds and their conservation


  • Insufficient finances to conduct trainings, purchase birding equipment, mobilizing women for the activities.
  • Perceptions and Attitude of the society towards Women


  • Outreach to young ladies in high schools, universities and institutions of higher learning.
  • Increased Women Tour Leaders in Uganda

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Optics were donated during the 2021 African Birding Expo.