The 2022 Costa Rica Experience

With Costa Rica Experiences and Osa Birds

In December of 2022, The Birding Co-op spent a week living the Pura Vida in the Costa Rica Birding Experience. Our tour was centered around our partner Osa Birds. We stayed in Dos Brazos on the Osa Peninsula for three nights to explore the area, meet the community, and visit Osa Birds’ MoSI banding station. On our way down, we drove through the Talamanca Mountains, finding several range-restricted birds and some fantastic mammals. Toward the end of our trip, we ventured up the Pacific Coast, making many stops in a variety of habitats over two days.

We enjoyed great food, charming accommodations, and lots of laughs and new friends along the way. We not only birded, but also found many fantastic mammals, reptiles, amphibians, bugs, and plants day and night!

The trip was organized by The Birding Co-op and Birding Experiences and led by Joshua Covill and Diego Quesada. Their guidance, enthusiasm, and expertise are unmatched. We delivered Motus tags to Osa Birds to track migrating Swainson’s Thrush and binoculars to the Caracara Project on behalf of Kowa Optics.

Check out the full trip report with details, maps, and species photos:

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“I am back in the US waiting for my next flight home. I know I will be a bit overwhelmed going through my photos, but I knew which non-phone photo I should share first – the bird that ended up being the group favorite for the trip – the Scarlet Macaw. Seeing these colorful birds fly overhead every day for five days was epic. We got our best looks at them while twitching …. a Ring-billed Gull. The Gull is rare for Costa Rica, so we went to go see it for our guides. We were rewarded with a group of Macaws feeding very low and in decent light…. and Diego and Pablo got their Gull 🙂

I cannot even begin to describe how epic this trip was. We jam packed so much in a week and saw so many great things. Our group got along so well that we were like family by the end. It certainly made up for not going on a real vacation for five years.”

Photo by Melissa Penta

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